Girl Vibes

Wounds into Weapons

May 10, 2023 Michelle Season 4 Episode 5
Girl Vibes
Wounds into Weapons
Show Notes

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Freestyle, unedited, unscripted, raw, real...from the heart.

I used to think that every hardship I ever went through was just bad luck. But after I was saved I realized that God does not waste anything! He uses everything for good, He turns everything around if you love Him and serve Him. 

It was then when my perspective changed. When I witnessed all the wounds, the scars, the pain were actually turned into my biggest weapons. Thru those wounds I found my confidence, my strength, my purpose....pretty much everything that I love about myself now. Lol, who knew? 

You see God is perfect, He makes no mistakes. When you love Him, serve Him and trust in witness things come together in the most unlikely way. That's when you grow and when your relationship with the Lord gets even deeper. 

Your wounds with become your weapons. Trust in Him. You were never created or expected to go thru this life alone. 

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You.

Shine Your Light.