Girl Vibes

Mind Ya Own Business

August 18, 2023 Michelle Season 4 Episode 13
Girl Vibes
Mind Ya Own Business
Show Notes

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Take it from will be a lot less complicated if you just mind ya own business. I sounds kinds rude...right? Well, it's the best way to just remain focused on you and your own personal development vs trying to get all up in everyone else's.

When you just stay focused on yourself, your goals, your dreams....then you don't have much time to get involved with everyone else's.

Minding your own business also means minding your own business about how others think about you. When you are a child of God, it doesn't matter what others say or think about you. When you know you are a child of God, then you know yourself, believe in yourself and love yourself. Validation from others outside of God isn't needed.

It also requires you to become a better listener and think more before you speak.   James 1:19 - check it out! Meditate on it.

So, mind ya own business and keep doing you. The best of you, the you that God created you to be. Shine your light!!

Shine Your Light.