Girl Vibes


October 02, 2023 Michelle Season 4 Episode 16
Girl Vibes
Show Notes

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Freestyle, unedited, unscripted, raw, real...from the heart.

Let's keep it real....I have taken way too many detours throughout my life. I have taken wrong turns that lead to destruction and caused myself a lot of heartache. How many times I look back now and think of all of possibilities if I just would have stayed on the path that God designed just for me.

Of course, Glory to God that nothing is wasted and He was able to reroute me and use my experiences for good. But if I can help save you some wasted time by encouraging you to stay on the path, I can assure your life will be fuller and richer because of it.

The Holy Spirit is our GPS, He guides us and tells us which way to go. But when we make a wrong turn it takes us longer to reroute to the right path. 

Hopefully you are able to connect with this message.

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You.

Shine Your Light.