Girl Vibes

We Are At War

October 16, 2023 Michelle Season 4 Episode 17
Girl Vibes
We Are At War
Show Notes

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Make no mistake....we are at war...the battle is all around us and within us. Our biggest enemy is ourselves. Our thoughts that come at us like tidal waves, crashing into our emotions causing us to become reactive in the moment. Mad, sad, offended, hurt, defeated, overwhelmed, depressed, hopeless....all of those negative feelings tied to our thoughts after we feel that we've lost the battle. 

We MUST put on the armor of God...the full armor of God to stand our ground against the enemy. Our greatest armor is God's word found in scripture....the word that defeats ALL the lies of the enemy. The word of truth that reminds us who we are and who's we are. The word that reminds us the battle has already been won and thru His blood and stripes the victory is ours. 

We are at war, everyday....all day. The enemy wants our souls and he comes to kill, steal an destroy. But for those of us that chose to put on the armor of God will win the battle every single time. 

Ephesisans 6 

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You.

Shine Your Light.